Like your driveway, your house bears the brunt of a lot of the elements and over time will start showing the signs of a hard life. If you look closely, you will become of aware of a possible build up of dirt, mould, and other unsightly signs of wear and tear.

Our house washing service is about cleaning and washing all types of exterior structures including brick walls, rendered walls, etc. and if the surface type is a bit more delicate we can carry out a soft wash rather than a high pressure clean.

We have over 10 years experience on the Sunshine Coast and we are aware that every house is different and your requirements are unique. We will provide the best solution for your needs and circumstances.

Your house will be sparkling clean with our house washing service. We do a completely thorough job from your roof down. Our results are stunning and and our efficient service will save you hours of your own time.

We employ various techniques to wash your house and use appropriate methods for your house materials.

Why use our House Washing Service?

There are many reasons to use our expert house washing service. Our team take immense pride in their work, are professional and experienced in cleaning many different types of houses.

  • Save hours of your own time and hire our service. We do this for a living and have all the appropriate equipment to help us get the job efficiently and effectively.
  • No more of those pesky spiderwebs hanging around the house. In addition, most bug nests and wasp nests will be washed away.
  • Doors and window jams will be cleaned. No more unsightly build up of bugs, dirt and/or mould.
  • Windows, flyscreens and sills cleaned.
  • Exterior walls will be thoroughly cleaned, pressure cleaned if possible.
  • In more times than not, paintwork will be restored to it’s original glory.
  • Completely affordable service.